Every page on a website is taking way too long to load

Hi all,

We built our website and everything was fine. We added some preloading animations in Webflow directly and all was working properly, but then we added a custom code for smooth scroll. Then all pages started to be buggy and showed an empty screen for a couple of seconds and then opened the page. It looked like it didn’t show that preload interaction for some reason, maybe because of this code maybe because of something else.

We deleted that code but that bug is still there. We tried to inspect the page in Google Lighthouse and you can still see there is a problem with that preload but code inspect doesn’t show anything.

I really don’t know what to do anymore, here is the link to our website and would be happy if anyone can help https://www.broworks.net/


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Broworks

Hi @Stefan1 You could revert back to a previous build/backup before putting the “go faster” code in? See if that resolves anything?

Thanks for your help, but that was a few months ago and we had many updates after that. Now when I think of it, I might try to delete all custom code to see if that works.

Problem solved, it was Google Optimize code, for some reason the whole website had a problem with preloading screen, now that is deleted all works well.