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Pages are not loading / building up properly – How can I fix this?

Hi Everybody,

We’re working hard on adjusting a Webflow template for our ambitious project and can’t seem to fix the following two bugs:

  1. One of our main pages with a few simple animations is not loading smoothly. Rather, it pre-loads all animations, freezes and then reloads a second time. Depending on browser and computer, this whole process can take up to 15 seconds – which makes browsing the page basically impossible.
    This is the published page I am talking about: Reiss Wallace Webflow HTML Website Template
    Any thoughts on this? We tried a lot and don’t know what else we could do…

  2. Secondly, while we were trying to fix some other issues, we apparently activated a setting that makes page elements “fly in” from the bottom when loading some of the other pages. You can see an example here: Lotan Levkowitz
    We’d love to get rid of this again and to load those pages without any build up effect. Any ideas how we could fix it?

If any of you has any thoughts – we’d be most grateful!
Thanks a lot for looking into this. We literally cannot wait to hear from you!


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