ETA on Membership Feature

When I attended the online conference, I had the impression that the membership feature was going to be released in the near future. Since then, I have not heard any updates whatsoever. I signed up for the beta, but have not heard back from that either.

  1. Does anyone have any idea when it is going to be released?

  2. Does anyone know what the price for it?

I’m not a complainer, I just need to if it is something reasonable I can wait for or if I need to use a 3rd party solution. Thanks for any help!

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It’s in beta. No other info has been released that I know of.

I do understand why they don’t announce specific dates on this type of stuff, but I agree it would be helpful if they could at least give us a rough timeline as we plan out projects and functionality. I also applied to be in the beta group and heard nothing; I’m guessing they had plenty of takers already.