How much will Webflow Logic and Membership cost?

Now that both services are in open beta, I’ve been looking around but I can’t find anywhere how much either is going to cost. I’m planning to experiment with them: but loathe to put them into any client project until it becomes clearer how much, if anything, it will add to the cost of a project.

Do we have any ballpark idea of what the endgame is here? Thanks :slight_smile:

Logic hasn’t formally been announced to my knowledge, but an announcement was made last week in the BETA forums regarding Membership’s integration into Site hosting plans. Basically Membership is a part of plans, but the specific capabilities you’ll get are tied to the plan you choose.

With Membership, mostly that relates to the number of users, and paid memberships.

Here’s a summary;

If you’re going to start putting this into client work I’d signup to the Memberships Beta community (invite link).

It’s a separate forum, staff are active on it, and you can get questions answered.

I’m not sure what can and can’t be shared outside of it, but once you’ve signed up they have a pricing table with all the details, find that here:

Thank you Michael and Chris :slight_smile: