Error student discount code

I just receive the cupom discount for studant, but em i go to buy a plan if the code, i receive a error “cannot use this promo code for this billing frequency” someone can suport me ?

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I’m currently experiencing this exact same problem.

Same here… Did anyone figure it out??

Better try again, maybe you did something wrong!

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Guys, it sounds like the code might only be valid for certain billing frequencies or plans, which could be causing the error message. I would suggest reaching out to the customer support team for the company you’re trying to buy a plan from. They should be able to provide more information about the restrictions on the promo code and help you find a plan that’s eligible for the discount. I bet they might even be able to manually apply the discount to your account if there’s a technical issue. Good luck, and I hope you’re able to get your discount applied soon! Write here, please, if it works. Moreover, if you are student and need help with non plagiarized essays, then I’m sure that can help you. I tried to get a discount code on another site for students, and the result is that only this is a reliable and useful one for any academic research.