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Error in flex code generation? Webflow adding in grid-column-gap code so flex display divs don't display properly

Has anyone experienced some issues in code generation with flex? We build quite a few sites on Webflow (at least 6 a week) and have noticed some errors in flex code as of Thursday last week (July 23) on older sites we’ve built. This issue doesn’t arise with any new sites we’ve built, and shows on Chromium-based browsers and Firefox, but not on Safari.

It looks like on older projects we have built, Webflow has injected both display: flex and the code for grid layout. See the screenshot here:

It has caused what should be a full-width, no gap flex display to display as this:

When it should display like this:

Removing that class and reapplying flex to a new class gets rid of the problem, but as we have about 300+ active sites on Webflow, this is a HUGE pain to go through every single one and reapply the flex class so that it applies correctly.

Looks like someone had this same issue back in Sept 2019 and the only solution proposed was adding in custom code to set the grid gap to 0. But even then, doing this on 300+ sites is again…a huge pain.

Any other suggestions on what we can do?

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