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Webflow inserts grid-column-gap values as columns in ms-grid-columns

Hi all!

Webflow inserts grid-column-gap values as columns in ms-grid-columns. Probably to compensate the missing support for grid-gap in IE. However, no corresponding div blocks are created, which completely breaks the design on IE11.
Interestingly, the error only occurs with older grid elements. If I recreate the grid exactly like the old one, the error doesn’t occur anymore (but that would be a lot of annoying work).
The appended picture illustrates the bug.
Any ideas how to work around or fix the bug?

Luca and Pascal

[Its a confidential customer project - we are sorry we cannot share the read-only link here]


Hi, @service_apoly_de!

Thanks for letting us know about your older Grid elements not displaying as expected on IE11.

I have gone ahead and let our engineers know about this, as this definitely sounds like odd behavior.

Would you be able to provide a direct message to me of the Read-Only link? I’d be happy to share with our engineers so that they may take a look for us.

Thanks in advance :bowing_man:

Hi Micah,

Thanks for your fast response.

You can find the project here

For instance in the footer section IE11 inserts new columns and thus crushes the actual grid formation.



Hi, @service_apoly_de! :wave:

Our team was able to take a look and we use the autoprefixer library which handles adding the support for ms browsers. Currently, we’re using 9.4.9 .

We’ve updated autoprefixer twice.

Would you be able to republish your project to note if the design now works in IE11?

Thanks in advance, and please let us know if the issue persists :bowing_man:

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we republished, but unfortunately the problem persists.
Eg under

  1. -ms-grid-columns: minmax(30%,1fr) 16px 6px 16px
    minmax(30%,300px) 16px minmax(30%,299px) 16px auto;
  2. grid-template-columns: minmax(30%,1fr) 6px minmax(30%,300px)
    minmax(30%,299px) auto;
    notice, the 16px-values for -ms-grid-columns.



Hi Guys,

as mentioned the problem still persists. Is there any update (in progress) you could help with?

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