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Error 404 with custom domain

Hello everyone!

We have an URGENT problem: we redirected our custom domain to our site, but we have an error 404. It’s weird because the status on the custom domain is checked and valid on Webflow.

Here is our address: .
And here is our webflow website :

Thanks very much.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Your host settings page shows you have a URL “” . Try deleting that one and just typing in “

Also, make sure to follow the instructions here when setting up your custom domain:

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks PIxelGeek. We’ve done it but it doesn’t work… Could you check again please? We really need this to be working today. Thanks.

@LeftProductions did you try un-publishing your site and then re-publishing it?

Try adding “

to your hosting settings page. Right now I only see “” . It is important that you have both.

also, don’t forget to publish to your custom domain:


That works ! Thank you all. I added the new ip address as IPV4 in the DNS of my domain, and i published the new destination.


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