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Enter alt tags for images in Editor

Hi you all.

Since we are obbliged by law (in Norway) to supply websites which comply to WCAG 2.0 standard, a few of our clients want to be able to add alt tags for images on static pages. This is important, as many clients want to be able to change images and, hence, alter the alternative image information.

Is there a way to do that? I know that it is possible with Collections (by adding text fields which will popular the images with tags), but on static pages, can it be done? Is there an suggestion for this already?


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Hey @Erich_Vasconcelos,

Maybe you can create a dedicated collection with text fields for alt of every static pages ?!


Dynamic element with a filter for image 1 about us page is put under the image 1 about us page.
Filter condition : If image 1 on about us page is set


Hope this helps

Thank you. Yes, this is by far the most useful idea, specially for smaller websites.

The only minor inconvinient is that it will automatically hinder the way the click-and-replace editor works (from the clients perspective) for it will require a few ekstra steps to change a picture and change the ALT-tag with it. But with greater power comes grater responsabiltity, right.

Another idea will be to add a proper image caption beneath each image of relevance content-wise(aka non illustrative image). It appears that, in this case, it would be accepted by WCAG2 to leave the image alt-text blank (alt="").

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Yeah @Erich_Vasconcelos, i understand, it would be easier if it was directly in the editor.
Yes your idea seems a good one too.

Hi @Erich_Vasconcelos

I added this feature to the wish list here

I’ve only noticed this limitation after 3 years and now I have 2 clients actively changing images it is becoming an issue! they really need access to the full media gallery as well so they don’t add duplicate images etc.