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Embedding a form using iframe

I used to do everything with Wordpress and love the formidable forms pro plugin because of the conditional logic and calculation ability it allows - as well as payment integration. BUT the web flow design interface is miles easier to get fantastic looking websites up and running quickly. Now I want a form in a web flow site, which should have conditional display of fields and also automate email distribution after submission etc. The built in web flow solution does not seem to allow that - but I can do it on a wordpress back end.

My Q and issue is that even after I have created the form in wordpress, I cannot display it as an iframe on my web flow pages and I don’t know why - I can display other pages from wordpress in the same iframe, so it must be something specific with the fact there is a form - Can you help fix this???

the form is here

as a placeholder i have been trying to put it in an iframe on this page - at the bottom below the web flow native form



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I’m not sure how to get the form to work as you described, but are you open to using a form handling service that provides support? If so, it may be a great way to embed the form and update it in the future.

i.e. Formstack:

Yes Formstack and their many competitors are lovely and build beautiful looking forms - but the form ends up costing way more than the website, which seems all wrong and as this is a charity site, can’t justify it. I’m happy using the wordpress backend to do all my data crunch and emailing, if only I could get it integrated into the website - and it would be free!

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