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Embedded videos, break and quit mobile browsers

Hi there!

That page has 3 containers, each one with 4 embedded videos from vimeo and youtube.
If I try to open that page in my ipad, using safary or chrome, the browser can’t handle it, and quits totally.

Are they too many?? Is there anything I can do to make that page stable in mobile devices??
I really like to have all the videos of my work in a single page, that you can at first glance take a look to all of them…

thanks a lot!

What iPad is it? I could see a memory issue making your app to quit, but past the iPad 1 this should be OK. For instance, it works on iPhone 6 and 4S + iPad Mini Retina 1 on Safari. I’m pretty sure it would on Chrome too.

To begin with, wipe out all the memories of your iPad with a hard reboot: hold both home and top button until the iPad dies (ignore the reboot slider) and you see the Apple logo. Then try again…

It’s not going to solve your issue per se, but I have a suggestion maybe… when you have “more videos” to show, you should/could create a nice channel on Vimeo. You have options to populate it and to make it look a bit like your site, add a banner etc. It’s better than building a huge page like you did that risk to let down people with a light configuration.

Alo on a site I’m building with Webflow, a developer made me a JS that launch a different vimeo video in a popup, so that you don’t load one million players. It works great, it has limitations though, because the Vimeo API is (known to be) a huge pain in the eye.

BTW, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! ツ Very good, very funny sometimes, good job (:

hey vincent!

thanks a lot for your reply, and for your words.

i tried hard reboot, but it doesn’t help. i am using ipad mini retina, ios 7.1, safary or chrome, all quit when loading the page.
i took away 4 videos, but even though it quits the same.

i really like a plain page with a lot of videos like this…
i have a vimeo channel already… but i want my videos on my site!

any suggestions?


It looks cool, but it’s not something you should do, by respect for your viewers. This kind of page is a pain to load, very very demanding in power for lower end computers, anyway.

ok. i understand, thanks for the tip. so…

what about substituting the videos for 12 lightboxes? would it be less demanding?
how can i measure how demanding is a page to load?

thanks in advance.

Well no. Because all the content will be generated at once, and even if players are hidden, they’ll be there in memory.

You need a developer and deal with this with JS, to do that.

but now it loads perfect!

i found this page to do a speed test:

for the old page with all the videos it said it had to load 3 mb.

for the new page with the lightboxes it says it loads 800 kb.

i think that’s acceptable! isn’t it??

also it looks very nice with all these little windows.

solved i think!!