Embedded video shows up in wrong place in the Designer

On my site, I’m using a video to show off interaction in our app.

I’m using the Video Background element to UPLOAD the video, but to embed it, I’m taking the videos that are hosted on Webflow and using a standard Embed element. I do this to be able to add the tags required for the video to autoplay on iOS.

My problem is that while the video plays in the Designer (wohoo!), the element is offset:

It works in Preview and on the published site.


The issue is only in the designer? Can you share your read only link?

Thanks for the quick reply Vincent,
unfortunately I can’t share a public link as there are too much sensitive information in the public site project.
However, what you see in the screenshot above is exactly what’s happening. Everything is fine and dandy, except the embedded video is showing a 100 pixels or so compared to it’s actual position.