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Embedded Button Not Working Properly on iOS

I am building a website for a client that needs a payment button. I have chosen Dwolla (mainly because it’s practically free to process payments) but the payment button doesn’t work on iOS in portrait mode. I keep finding various glitches with how things display on mobile devices and it’s so frustrating. If anyone knows any ideas to try to make the button have dropdown selector please let me know. Oddly enough, the button works just fine on iOS in landscape.

Here is the website:

Hi @GodlessGlen, I took a peek at the site on an iphone 6 and the button seemed to work as expected. :-/ (see attachment) Haven’t tested on smaller screens though, it might be due to their embed styling if it still gives you trouble. Try overridding them in the head custom code section (

Thanks. I fixed it by reducing the number of characters. Apparently I had too many for the area and it is programmed not to display in those instances.

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