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Button No Longer Working (and other issues)

My “Contact Us” button is no longer working on mobile in portrait mode. I double checked it and it is set to link to the “contact” section of the same page. This is frustrating. I have clients needing to look at my site and it looks like things aren’t working. I have literally spent the day working and sorting out things, some of which is settings I had already changed and saved. For example, I made a serious of changes involving padding, margins, borders, etc and changes were saved, but some how they became undone and I’m mostly sure that I hadn’t undone the changes.

Also, a few days ago, I uploaded images, saved, and later images on a couple of occasions were gone. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a glitch going on that is reverting changes. These random things really makes me wonder. Is anyone else experienced anything like this?

Anywho, can someone look into why my button isn’t working on mobile. Like I said, everything was fine, I didn’t touch it and it quit working.

My site:

perhaps. provide a public link… ?

Hi @GodlessGlen, thanks for your post. The contact us button is not showing, because you have set the visibility of the contact section to hide on mobile portrait. Check the mobile portrait visiblity option, and that should correct the behavior.

See my screenshot as a reference:

Regarding your other report of styles changing, you might check the Backups tab in your site settings and check one of the auto restore versions to see if the changes you made are in one of those version restore points.

Changes are autosaved to your site 10 seconds after any change, but if you navigate away from the page before changes are saved, then those changes will be lost. Every 20 autosaves, we create a restore point, so you can go look to see if your changes are in one of those versions.

I hope that helps, let me know. Cheers, Dave

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Thanks so much, Dave. Apparently I had hidden that section on mobile because it was an empty section underneath it, and that would explain why on the other layouts it was scrolling past the start of the section. Apparently I had moved some things from one section to another one.

As for the auto save thing, I bet that is what happened. I made changes and left the area before it saved it. It would be cool if it autosaved every change or at least the way it is now but would save the last change before someone navigate away. It would make life a bit easier. lol.

Sure @GodlessGlen, no problem, happy to help. Thanks for the feedback, we are always looking for ways to make things work better :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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