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I’m building a site and want to add an external calendar to each of my collection pages. The calendars are embedded using a small piece of code. However, whenever i try to do it using the following steps, its not working :slight_smile:

  1. Add a text field in the collection that holds the src
  2. add an embedded element to the collection list
  3. open it, click on “add field” and select “src”
  4. do this:

you can find screen shots of both the embed code on the CMS collection page and the plain text in the CMS itself

Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

Answered your previous post. It’s not helpful to post the same question in multiple topics. Clutters up the forum.

Webflow encodes the value of embeds from a collection field. So you either need to decode the encoded text or you can create a RTF and insert all the code (including script tags) into the code embed insert available where it will be rendered as entered.

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for your reply but can you please explain more as i did not quite get it

if you have an example /screen shots to share with us, that would be really helpful

Here is the “or” method. Note you can’t insert values from other fields in the RTF embed. That would only be viable in the decode method.

Here is a link to a read only share

If you want to decode instead I wrote that up here.

What can i say? you are awesome, thank you a ton… it works now !!


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Loved it. Going to implement the tactics.

Surendra Dhote
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