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Elements which are not the direct children of flex elements are being treated like flex children

Not sure if bug, but…

Say I have a flex parent with flex children. The flex children have some of the options greyed out because they are flex children. Good. Makes sense. Expected.

But elements inside the flex children ALSO have those options greyed out, even though they are not flex children. They’re flex grandchildren, which I don’t think is a thing. Odd thing is, the flex child has display block already set by default.

In order to be able to un-grey the options on these so-called flex grandchildren, I have to manually hard set its parent (which is a flex child) to be display block so that it turns blue.

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Thank you for reporting this. I also have seen this bug recently.

Hi @sarahc and @samliew. This does sound like a bug and I would like to look into it, but can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue. Can you provide the steps you took to get to the buggy behavior?

Well now it’s not doing it!


I’ll pay attention to the next time it comes up, if to does, and let you know.

#Bug Report


Structure of below site:

footertop (flex)

##Bug Description:

footertop-head should be able to change display property to inline-block or inline.

##Share Links:

Windows 10, Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m

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We are happy to let you guys know that this bug has been taken care of. Thank you for the detailed report and continued support!


Thank you @sorin,

Would you like me to transfer you the site that I created for this bug report?

Are you still experiencing this bug?

@sorin Nope, it works perfectly now. Just wondering if you need it for future reference before I delete it (and break the links above).

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