Elements in designer not clickable

I am currently working on a page in my project. I used a template I found, because I thought it looked very cool. Now I am facing the issue that I can’t click elements in the designer, it just selects the wrapper the elements are nested in.
I have tried taking everything out of the wrapper, but then it always selects the body element.

On the live site this means that buttons within this wrapper are not clickable.

Something worth noting is that I have used tabs to create a subnavigation of the page. This seems to be non-consecuencial, as I have also added the content to a separate page, and the problem persists.

Not sure if anybody has ever had this issue…
Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Wild)
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When I change this object


Position from Static to Relative:


Everything becomes interactable in the designer. Looks like the div is covering the whole tab section because it’s a static asset, even covering the children, which is interesting. Changing it to Relative does not appear to alter the design at all.