Elements changing depending screen size

Hey there!

I’ll get straight to the point. My website does not stay centered. none of my elements as shown in the 3 pictures I attached below. I want everything to be aligned regardless of the size of my window and I want the buttons positioned in the same place. I’m new to webflow so im really having trouble with something im sure is easy to fix. Last image is how I would like my website to be positioned

thank you for your help. really appreciate it!


You could make use of VW (view width) or percentages instead of pixels. 100VW in width will always be 100% of the users viewport. These are some of the more responsive values on their own, but be careful with them since they often might look like decent solutions on your own screen but will look terrible on for example a 32 inch or a smaller device.

I have seen your website and you probably need to check on the padding and margin width for each of your elements.Additionally you could ensure the width of your objects is in percentage so that the content can reflow nicely in all screens.