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Element Outline Change in Webflow

Is there a way to change the element outline from blue to another color? If the section, for example, has a blue background, the blue element outline becomes invisible.

Can’t find a way to change it.



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It should be where you can change the outline of the box. Watch the tutorials if you can’t find it.

If it is a different problem can you please share your public share link as for us to diagnose your problem. Thanks! :wink:

Hi @alchait, @VladimirVitaliyevich

I think you mean the color of the selection outline? 'Cause then I agree, sometimes difficult to set apart from the item color. Would be great if this could be a ‘difference’ or inverted color (like in, sorry, Indesign :-))

Also I’d like to have the color of a selected item to be other than the colors when you hover over items that are not selected. Maybe something for the wish list @cyberdave or @PixelGeek ?

Oh, I see what @alchait means now. Yes, this would be a good feature for the Wish List. :wink::blush:

Yes, the selection outline. Allowing that to change would be great.

BTW, I LOVE Webflow…


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