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Effects question and UI feedback

I have check the videos but i don’t see how animation in effects works, i have try with a image block to put a 1000 ms transitions and a translate transforms on the right but nothing happen.

UI feedback
We cant see block when the background is black.

Since I can’t post images and somehow I can’t link to my host, I have created a simple tutorial for you at the following link:

Hope you enjoy it ^^
Good luck :slight_smile:

How come you can’t see block if bg is black? I don’t get it…


wow thanks a lot for your tutorial ! it work great !
But it seems limited, the effect i wanted to do was when the webpage load and when somebody scrolldown the page do do you think its possible ?

For example like this website

Triggering function when in viewport. You can search at Google for it.

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Once you export the site, you can use animate.css to do some pretty cool stuff. I use jQuery to trigger these events…such as scroll position, click or hover events to add/remove these classes that trigger pure css animations.

Animate.css -

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@Pierro For now you’ll have to export and add some code to do effects like that. We hope to give you guys the capability to do this inside Webflow in the future!

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Very cool stuff guys, i learn so much from yours post !