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Can't edit lightbox media in Editor Mode

Not sure if I’m just not seeing how to do this, but there appears to be a bug when trying to edit lightbox images in Editor Mode. I can edit the main image that sits in the link block just fine, but there’s no option available to edit what’s been selected for the larger version of the image that is entered into the Lightbox media settings in the settings panel. Is there a way to do this that I’m just not seeing?

Thanks for your help!


Sorry to say that the light box content are not editble with the Editor. I have in a project with custom JavaScript connected images from Collections to the Light Box. You can find info about that here on the forums. This is something being worked on among other components easily being connected to Collections.

Thanks, Jorn. I appreciate the follow up. I knew there wasn’t a native solution with lightbox and galleries in general with regards to the CMS/Collections, but this doesn’t have to do with that per se. I found a decent work around for CMS use. The issue I’m referring to is regarding the standard lightbox on a static page in Editor Mode. Hopefully whenever they roll out the CMS solution it will resolve the use of lightbox on static pages as well. Thanks!

Ok, sorry for my misunderstanding. Yeah it would be nice to able to add or remove images from the editor inside a light box. There may be a wishlist item for this.

No worries, Jorn! I am grateful that you’re trying to be of help.

Honestly, it seems more like a bug to me, rather than a wishlist item. We’re able to edit the trigger image, and so it would be expected that we can edit the Lightbox image as well. It basically makes lightboxes completely useless to clients because they can not edit it.

Any admins out here have insight on this?

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Look at the admin response on this:

I know it don’t solve you immediate problem but gives some hope though :blush:

Hahaha yes, I think I voted 2 or 3 times for that item! Wish we had an idea of when (generally speaking) they might release this. Helps planning of projects.

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