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EDITOR missing content, random whitespace

Hi there im having a pressing issue with the editor.

When i login to the editor after a few seconds the page refreshes, content dissapears, aswell as some random whitespace appearing. See example attached:



I have tried testing it in different browsers/ clearing cache / incognito windows and the issue still persists throughout the site.

I had scheduled a training with the client tomorrow to update the site which is why its quite urgent.

Any ideas?

Hi @pdccreative

Thanks for reaching out!

That one Slide heading that seems to disappear in the Editor is definitely a bug. You should be able to fix it by following these steps:

(1) enlarge the column a bit
(2) publish the site
(3) resize the column to how you want it to be
(4) publish the site again.

Let me know if that resolves that issue.

Note that when the page refreshes after you log into the Editor, that’s when the Editor actually loads. At this point, any effects on editable elements are paused so you can edit those elements, texts, images, etc… Also, any custom code isn’t displayed when the Editor is active.

Some whitespace appears on the edges of the Editor to accommodate the Editor buttons. But all these are only visible within the Editor and not on the actual live site. Once you log out, the site shouldn’t have any of these “issues”.

So, you can explain that to your client as well. Most of that is normal expected behavior within the Editor. If any issues appear on the live site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to check it out and resolve any issues!

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