Editor cannot register e-mail during invitation


I’m facing a weird bug I can’t figure out on my own. When inviting an editor, the e-mail field is blocked and filled with weird text.

This results in my invitee not being able to finish the registration process. Is this a known bug? Any way to resolve it?

When inspecting the element: <input type="email" rows="1" required="" disabled="" class="w-reset w-editor-bem-TextInput w-editor-bem-TextInput-disabled" value="jgáng®sgìnaÚÊonn vÊÎsÎ">

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Are you seeing the same thing if you click that invite link yourself?
If it’s happening on both yours and your client’s systems then it’'s likely either a bug or custom code in the page that’s interfering.

It looks something like an encoding issue so I would not be surprised if it’s a bug due to some work on the upcoming localization capabilities. For that I’d contact support.

If it’s only happening on one system, I’d try disabling browser extensions.

The issue is happening on several computers, so definitely not a browser issue.

Let us know what support says.