Inviting CMS editors - email field disabled

We’ve been trying to invite CMS editors, but none of them are able to fill in the email field from their invite link. The email field is disabled, and the form will not submit without the editor adding their email address. This happens in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on multiple computers.

When you invite them, they receive and email with a link.
Clicking that link should then take them to the site, with the email already filled in.

I don’t think they can “invite themselves” by entering their own email.

If that’s not working, might have they try pasting the image into google chrome in incognito mode to make sure that an add-on isn’t interfering.

Otherwise contact webflow support, they’ll help you sort it out.

I just saw another post about this recently;
sounds like a bug in how the invite link is unpacking.

I’d message webflow support so they know.