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Editing Mode & Live Site don't look the same

Hi! Relatively new to webflow but always trying to learn more!
I sat two elements next to one another under my header - which I think is causing the problem. I am missing a section? Div? Container? Help from ANYONE would be appreciated! Thank you!

I took a quick peek and both versions look to be the same.

Can you take a screenshot or give us a bit more information on what is looking different on your end? Any extra information like browser and operating system are helpful as well :+1:

Thank you for your reply! I started playing with it in the hope I would get what I want. Originally I had this on my editor view:

But my live page was showing something similar to what it is now. - a bit all over the place. Any advice is appreciated! I’m just using plain old google chrome on my pc! Thank you :slight_smile:

I realize I forgot to mention I am using a second monitor… meaning it’s different from my laptop view, to my monitor view… I’ve only just realized!

Any types for keeping those consistent?
And even across all devices/phones etc?