Editing blog pages on the blog template

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help out with this one.

How do I remove or unpublish a blog page? The blog template is accessible, however the blog pages are not?

I can’t seem to find blog pages on the navigator and/or pages tool in the left panel.

If I go to unpublish, the entire site goes down, where I cannot unpublish a single page.


Thanks alot

On left hand side you have a panel consisting of a couple buttons. ONe of those is for static pages where you can see all static pages and when you hover a static page you will see a little scroll wheel to the right side. when you click it you will have an option in top right corner to draft the page.

If you want to take down only one cms item you need to navigate to cms panel, find the right CMS and then select the page inside that you want disabled. You can then draft it or archive it to take it offline