CMS complications


I need some help with webflow CMS related stuff.

  1. our forms for news and blogs keep going back to “published on” instead of “created on” dates and I have to manually choose the created on option everytime to fix the dates that they were published on.

  2. Data gets deleted automatically from the website and recently any blog being input through editor does not publish despite initially showing that it’s published and generating a link. Once refreshed or a few hours later, the blog is missing from the site.

  3. I’ve been trying to link a template page to one of the main static pages through a button, but it’s not showing the template I want to link it to through the collection list.

  4. how does one unlink the CMS for two different pages? In our case, News and Blogs were built through the same CMS. If we wanted to separate the pages, how can we do this?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - PAR
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#1 - Don’t use those in-built date and time fields; create and use your own instead. Those fields don’t mean what you think they do, and are updated at publishing. If you search the forums here, you’ll find some good threads on that.

#2 - Too many steps in that process to guess where things are going wrong. If you can reproduce it, I’d make a video and send it to webflow support for assitance.

#3 - Watch the webflow university courses on linking, it sounds like you have the wrong setting in your link choices therefore you’re getting the wrong options.


#4 - Here’s how you unlink