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Editing an iframe via the CMS editor

The idea is to allow an editor to change the iframe in a blog post (they will be posting a new podcast each week with a different soundcloud iframe).

I tried:

  • Adding the iframe in the Dynamic Collections. I put the code into a plain text field in Dynamic List, and then pulled the plain text code into an embed widget. The error: double quotes were wrapped around the iframe text, therefor turning it into a string. If I remove the quotes using the developer window, the iframe works.

  • Duplicating the embed widget (outside of the Dynamic list) and trying to use custom code to change the src for the podcast. See console errors below. Note: My embed widget’s ID is #podcast1.

Again the idea is to allow another editor to change the podcast each week without going into the design editor.

Any help would be appreciated. Live site here: I have two podcast from sound cloud showing. I need to be able to dynamically change the podcast. I am happy to do this with code, but I can’t seem to change the src URL attribute.

If I’m understanding your goal correctly, this should help:

Thank you @jmw that was exactly what I needed!

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I thought so :slight_smile: Glad I could help!

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