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Ecommerce products for groups or as gifts?

Does anyone know if it’s possible in Webflow ecommerce to allow a user to buy (for example) 5 of the same product, one for them and 4 as gifts for 4 different people, and then be prompted to write the gift recipients’ names and emails at checkout (or on the product page)?

I’m selling a digital product so there’s no shipping. Thank you!

If your customer were to purchase 10, 20 + you would want to generate
that number of fields to post to your cart as individual values.
Each field would then need to be recorded in the cart.

Having name and email address would then multiply the values by 2x
As you can see, this would be very impracticable.

I think this might be easier.
Instruct the customer to insert the list of names and email addresses in the
“Questions or Comments” area.

If there are multiple items, have them assign the item to the name.

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