Ecommerce product variant selection doesn't show unavailable products correctly

I am running into a strange behaviour when selecting product variants.

So I have two variants, size (M and L) and color (TEAL and BLACK). Size M is only available in TEAL, so logically everytime I select size L, TEAL sould be grey (=unavailable), and everytime I select color TEAL, size L should be grey.
Instead, these buttons only become grey if only one variant option is selected, when you first interact with the page (default selection is disabled). If you refresh the page and click “L” first it shows it correctly (TEAL is unavailable). But once you have clicked on a variant option, it can’t be unselected and when switching between the options, the unavailable variant buttons are not grey and it changes automatically to the available one.

I think it could be a bit confusing for users. Is this normal Webflow behaviour?

Site is already published, you can see what I’m talking about here: Marin Kentfield 1 ST | Chico Sports LTD

I am just making an example for this product, but it happens for all the products that have mixed variants availability.