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Ecommerce orders email notifications stopped working

Hi Guys

Anyone having issues with ecommerce order email notifications not (stopped) working?

Yes. same to me i have reported this to support

@johnramos Hi only want to ping you about this. Also reported to support

Hi Daniel,
Yes, I am also having this problem. - I also reported it.

Same and it needs fixing asap. They have also changed A records without me knowing so a load of sites are now down.

Hi Everyone, I was able to reproduce on this end as well. I have let the team know and we should be implementing a fix very soon.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help here!

Thanks for pinging me @JanneWassberg!

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Hi Everyone, just received an update.

Our emails are currently being delayed - when they get cleared by our email provider, they will deliver properly. We are working on getting them cleared by our email provider.

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Hi Everyone! Transactional Ecommerce emails are now being sent again!

Thank you for your patience as we worked on resolving this.

I can confirm, got a couple of Mails

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