Ecommerce CMS issue


When I try to open the Ecommerce panel, an error message appears. It says:

      You are currently using Collection names and/or page slugs that Ecommerce requires.

      Please rename the following Collection names in the Collections panel:

      * Products
      * Categories
      * SKUs

      Please rename the following Collection URLs in the Collections panel:

      * /product
      * /category
      * /sku

I have not given any new Collections these names. Actually, these default Collections are the only ones I have.

When I go to the Collections to change their slug names, I get another error message that says:

      Cannot rename slug for ecommerce collections

I cannot get to my ecommerce panel because of this error, and I do not see any solution for it. I believe this is some sort of bug? Any thoughts?

Thank you for you help,

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