Ecommerce checkout with Odoo

Hi guys,

I have a marketplace ecommerce with Odoo but I would really love to use Webflow as the front of my platform. Does someone here knows if it’s possible to move from Webflow to a third-party ERP at the moment of the checkout while keeping all the informations related to the cart ?

I already figured out how to sync my products on both platforms, I “just” need to be able to redirect my clients to Odoo to finish their purchase.

Happy to retribute anyone who could help to make it happen.

Thanks for your help!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Sorry boss, never heard of Odoo but it looks nice

I guess my question would be is there any way to use Webflow with another ERP to manage stock and sales out of Webflow ?

You can place a large banner from webflow navigating to Odoo