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Easy way of creating font families and fallbacks?

Hello new here,

I’m trying to create a font-family, but can’t figure out how to. I want the default site font to be helvetica neue, which ios devices and now Yosemite support, but I also want to fall back to another font for those who don’t have it.

I tried putting it in the custom code section, but if I don’t choose a font in web flow, it just defaults to Arial.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Tarongh, you can do this, but you would need to add some custom css to the head section of your site, to list the font families in order that you want to display on your site. As example, the css below, will load the following fonts in order they appear in the css, and use the font family that is available. If the first font is unavailable, the next font will be used if available:

body{font-family:"Lucida Console", "Courier New", monospace;}

I hope this helps, let us know ! Cheers, Dave

Quick question, what conditions can make a font to fail ?
Thank you

Thanks for the reply! I got it to work in the custom code section. Just had to put it in a <style>.

I wish web flow would load the custom code in the design view. I can’t tell how my fonts look unless I publish.