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E-commerce: change variants dropdown menu to boxes instead

Hi dear all :slight_smile:

I am designing a shop page for a friend.
He wishes to sell fair trade cloths and did the sceendesign himself.

I have successfully designed and setuped the entire shop (even did a real credit card buy of a cloth with stripe, every thing works amazingly fine).

However, I would love to ask you if it was possible to have an alternative to the not so sexy oldschool drop down menu to choose the variant of a product. My friend came up with boxes to click on to select the various sizes…

Is there a way to come up with a similar solution ? Is there a workaround like targeting the dropdown menu with javascript and style it in a programmatic way ? Did someone tried something like that before ?

Have a great weekend !



I am trying to do something similar. Would love to here if found a solution for this?

Is this what you are looking for?


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I couldn’t get this to work. Did you guys managed to get it to work?

It’s been a while, just following up what transpired –– were u able to find a solution?

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