Dynamic text style not working for links inside symbol

I’m having a bit of trouble getting the dynamic style settings for text to work for links inside of a symbol. It works for regular text but if I use any sort of link whether its a Text Link or I place a Text Block inside of a Link Block, it doesn’t use the given color anymore. Is there a work around or a fix someone may know of?

I’m not allowed to share the web site publicly so I hope this is understandable. Thanks!

Hey Juan,

what do you mean by dynamic text styling? Like the color from a cms item?

Sorry, yes I meant the color from a cms item. When editing a cms template page, I apply that color to a symbol and it doesn’t seem to affect any Text Links inside of symbol.

Can you try to select the link elements themselves and go to the settings tab and choose the color from the cms there?
Instead of the parent element / symbol?

I only get the option to assign cms color when selecting the symbol itself. Once I enter the symbol and select any of the children, I don’t get any cms options so I cant apply color.

Can you check if any of the elements inside the symbol and that are a parent to the link override the color?