Dynamic slider and opening the item on same page

Hey Webflowers! :grinning:

My agency wants to relaunch its website and I need the feature like this slider on antoni’s website. On the landing page, there is full screen slider that is triggered by scrolling. And when the cta ‘view case’ is clicked, the slide is scrolling up slightly and shows the detail of its slide. I need exactly this feature and I want to connect the slider with CMS (dynamic slider). As far as I know, when the dynamic slider created, it creates separate page as a template automatically and it couldn’t show on the same page with click. Do you guys know, if it’s possible to be implemented in Webflow? If yes, how?
And how to get this beautiful sliding animation (effect) for slider?

I found some relevant references like scroll triggered slider and horizontal scrolling, but wasn’t able to find a proper reference. Could you guys please help me out? I will be really appreciating any helps and tips. :pray::pray::pray: