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Dynamic Content columns are breaking

I am adding a dynamic list to my site, and can’t get the images/content to be in a straight line in the list. When I don’t have the images included, everything lines up fine. But once I start linking content, it all is randomly oriented. Help??

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Hello @Mike1 can you please update your post with a Read-Only link to your site so that we can help you faster? Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Mike1 thanks for updating your post with a read-only link. :slight_smile:

I added a height to the service image class of 100px and that looks to have fixed the issue. :smile:

Please let me know if this helps. :slight_smile:

It fixed that issue, but when I linked the description and heading text boxes, now it’s happening again. When I go to add a 100 px limit on the height to the text, it overflows into the other items.

try min-height instead

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