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Dynamic Lightbox for Blog Images

Hi Everyone! I am trying so desperately to figure out how to make these lightbox images in this blog dynamic. I’ve been using the following post by oramsdesign to try and figure it out (Full CMS Lightbox!), but I’m so new to the CMS I think I may be missing something. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!



Console error:

Try removing the ; from your embed:

Republish and test.

Hello @Spencer_Irwin

The reason that the lightbox is not working is that WF no longer publish the javascript code that you don’t have on your site. So try to add a normal lightbox element to your project and then hide it, with that you’re telling WF to include the lightbox javascript code into your project and it’ll work.

Let me know if I explained my self and if it helps.


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Good point, that too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys! Haven’t had a chance to remove that part of he custom code, you suggested @Phoxic, but I think I have a page on the site with a “faux” lightbox to enable the necessary JavaScript @aaronocampo.

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