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Dynamic Item Count

Is there a way to add a dynamic "count’ of the items in various databases?

I would like to show on the homepage [x,xxx] (database 1) items in x,xxx categories (database 2).

Is this doable?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @mrimpossible,

A simple search in the forum finds this:

That was 2 years ago - I was curious if there was an updated or native solution available.

No trivial method exists natively. You could look at exporting your collection data, then calculate a count and store it. Using AJAX you could remotely retrieve the count and display it.

I was curious if there has been any update to this at all?



FYI: When Webflow releases a feature they add it to updates and announcements, which is visible from your dashboard. They also normally add a topic to Official Announcements in the forums. So that is where you should check.

Hey all, I’m in need of this as well. I’m thinking of building a proper solution for this.

  • Tabulation through the Webflow API
  • Caching of tabulated numbers
  • Possible ability to query/filter in some limited ways
  • Exposing tabulated data as JSON
  • Simple widget templates to pull and display that JSON data in your site

It’s not a small project though, and might only make sense if others are interested in using it too as a paid (but cheap) SaaS solution, to help cover hosting. Anyone else keen?