Count how many items in a category?

Hi everyone!

I know this topic has been spoken about over the years but is their a solution?

On my homepage I have a CMS Collection grid with my categories, and then I want to display the number of courses in each category. How can this number be dynamically updated?.. To me this seems a pretty basic request.

The only way I can think of doing this is to us a number field and manually update, but this is pretty time consuming.


hi @iloveweb you can achieve this with JS. Here is simple example.

// your element (holder) for number of courses [eg. text element]
const coursesCount = document.querySelector("#count");
// your collection list 
const coursesNr = document.querySelector("#courses-list").children.length;

coursesCount.innerText = coursesNr

I would love this to work, but it’s not showing me any results unfortunately.
This is the script I’m using within an embed that sits inside a Collection List Item.

(function() {
var coursesCount = document.querySelector("#count");
// your collection list 
var coursesNr = document.querySelector("#courses-list").children().length;

coursesCount.innerText = coursesNr

I have the ID “count” applied to the Text Field and the ID “courses-list” to the Collection List accordingly.

The debugger is not showing me any errors.

I already tried using a different position for the embed.

I would appreciate some help in order to be able to show the correct count of referenced CMS items for each category.

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@iloveweb and @peterrific

It’s possible to count items in a collection list that’s already on the page, as Stan showed above. However first you need to make sure you have those collection lists on the page, even if they’re hidden. In Scott’s example, you’d need to load a list of all courses, with each course’s category, in order for the script to get the counts for you.

Note that you run into the 100 collection list item limit problem here, so… more script and reduced performance if you need to overcome that.

it’s also possible to count ALL items in any collection list with some creative scripting, with no 100-item limit issues. But that subdividing that by category… much more difficult to do realistically. The only way to solve that is with a ton of AJAX page requests ( slow ), or external automations that effectively clone the CMS somewhere you can query it for item counts ( complex ).

Thanks Stan! I will give this a shot