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Dynamic Google Maps Issue

Continuing the discussion from Dynamic Google Maps:

Hi Folks,

I followed the topic above setup by @AlexN but for some reason I keep getting this error:

The Google Maps API server rejected your request. This service requires an API key.

I got the API key but wondered if the domain the key is to be used on has to be registered with google to get the API key. Because the google account I got the API key from is the one I use for my current URL/live site. The Webflow site is a work in progress that I will eventually point my domain too.

That is the only thing I can think could be wrong, hopefully someone else can figure it out.

Here is the read only link:

The page I am working on is the Scotland Golf Packages template page. Here is one of the url examples:


Your key parameter needs to begin with an & delimiter character, otherwise it’s not a valid parameter.

Thanks @samliew that worked perfectly :+1: