Dynamic filtering for static pages

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I am creating my portfolio on webflow. I have different projects to show and want for the user to be able to filter them. I have not used Collection Lists but static pages as it gave me more flexibility.

I tried using this blog post as reference to filter using MixItUp3 but it’s not working. How to add dynamic filtering and sorting to your Webflow websites | Webflow Blog

Does anyone have an idea what I did wrong or other ways of making this work? Thank you in advance

Here is my site Read-Only and the page to look at is “projects”: Webflow - Chiara's Site

Hi @chichibiscuit,

Welcome to the forum! Hope I can help with this one.

You’ll need to make sure you have the right ‘data-filter’ attributes - please replace all of your values with the following:


The current ones are not matching the class names on the items (mainly missing hyphens).

Once you’ve updated these you can republish and it should work!

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It worked!! Thank you so much Milan :blush: !!!

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