Dynamic Filter Option in a static site

Hello everyone.

I am coding my small portfolio-site with Webflow and I am very new to using Webflow.
I tried to add a filter option to my portfolio links using this method: How to add dynamic filtering and sorting to your Webflow websites | Webflow Blog

But it does not work.
Does someone know why?

Here is my read-only-link:
Webflow - elviragreco.com

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Did you use the “Incredible” template mentioned in the how-to article?

I believe this article explains how to use mixitup if starting from scratch.

Step #5 shows how to apply the JavaScript code.

No, I followed the link I put in the description above…

This is what Port of Folio is talking about, in the article you linked;

How to add dynamic filtering and sorting to your Webflow websites | Webflow Blog.

The Link of Port of Folio and the one You and I posted do not follow the exact same steps…

I haven’t looked, but that’s not uncommon in tech documentation, especially as versions change, and uses differ.

I’d try both. If your first solution isn’t working from the article, go to the main docs that Port of Folio shared, and work with those to get the implementation you’d like.

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Yes, in your article it’s listed as Step 3. You’re missing the JavaScript code in your page settings.

I will now get rid of the filter function.
It is not mandatory by this kind of project and I have no patience for this right now. :sweat_smile:
But maybe the thread helped someone else.
Thank u all for your answers.

:sweat_smile: understood. You know where to look next time. I’ve never used it myself but learned something new.

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