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Dynamic bars in collection items

Hello everyone, everything good?

I’m trying to make a collection page where you need to have progressively progress bars for a given set of data.

In this case, it is a page that shows a product (building construction) and the part of the dynamic bars would show the progress of parts of the work.


I’m using Nelson’s tutoring as inspiration
But in this case he uses an entire collection to make the bars, and I need them to be in an item in the collection (building).

The biggest challenge is to make it easy to manage for people who are going to create new pages based on this building collection.


I think you would use Conditional Visibility in the Element Settings for that.

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Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your reply.
I need to place the bars in the product template. (building)

I created a separate collection for this, but I believe that if I list another collection, the information will always be the same for all products, but they must be different for each product, I understand?

See my print and the link.


Hey Frank

Could you share a read only link to the designer - See how here: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

For sure!

The problem is that you are trying to put data from one collection inside the page of another collection.

You want to use data from Collection Andamento Obras (bar porcentage) inside the PAGE for the Collection Productos.

I don’t know if you can do that.

Hi Jonathan, I made a mess here.
I solved the problem. Actually, I didn’t precalize one collection within another.

I managed to pull the data and show it on the screen using Nelson’s tutorial.


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That’s great! Looks good. Good to see you kept the numbers there for accessibility.