Duplicate collection template page?

How can I duplicate a dynamic template page?


You can’t. It is Template, which generating dynamically.

I was not clear.

I want to build a new collection which is almost identical to another one.

So my option here is to have a general collection which has objects.

And then use categories?

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Every template is appear only when you create next collection. It is generating automatically and you can’t create it manually.

So create collection - got template.

Yes, I know that!

But I am trying to get around the extremely redundant work of creating a template which is infact exactly like another one I already have created.

Where do I put in a wish list to be able to duplicate collections and get the option of renaming the copy?

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I understand you frustration, ran in this issue too :confused:
You can create topic in this category http://forum.webflow.com/c/feedback/wish-list

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