Creation and use of page templates


This is probably very simple but I can’t seem to find the answer.

I want to design a site with a homepage template, + two other templates. Pages not blog posts.

I would like to design the templates and then

select template
create page from template

I cannot find the place where I turn a page design into a template and store it somewhere to use for future use.

I’m sure you can do it but I am using in correct terminology for Webflow.

You can duplicate pages. Open their settings and there’s an icon at the top to duplicate.

So when you achieved a page design you could place it into a template folder, and from there duplicate it when you need it.

thanks for the swift reply.

is it the same process for blog post templates?

I’m not sure I entirely understand your concern :slight_smile:

Blog post template is unique. There is one unique template page for every collection you create in the CMS. So you design the blog post template and it will apply to all blog posts pages.

If you make a “template”-page, make sure it doesn’t get indexed by search engines. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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