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Dropdown Toggle As Link

Is it possible to use the top-level dropdown toggle as a page link when the menu is set to open on hover?

For instance, I may have a dropdown toggle labeled “Products” in my navbar that contains links to various product pages and opens on hover. What I would like is for the “Products” button itself to link to a top level “products” page.

Is this type of functionality supported by the WF designer?


Looks like this got dropped while awaiting moderator approval. Would appreciate some help if anyone can offer it.

hey @lago See the below topic. Preview link is dead though but the trick is to put a link block inside the dropdown toggle an set width and height to 100% of the toggle itself. You would need to move the existing text and dropdown icon inside this link block as well.


That seems to have done the trick, thanks for that. Is there a better way to set the width and height equal to the toggle than assigning the dimensions manually?

Yes. I personally prefer to set the width to auto, put the contents that will go into the link i.e. text, icon, etc and then use a padding of my liking.

TIP: Check other single nav links in your navbar and see what their properties are. Match them with your your dropdown toggle to have even sizes.

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