Dropdown Shopify Buy Buttons

Until we get the ecommerce tool, which is going to be a gamechanger,
i will use Shopify-Buy-Bottons.

My Problem is that i have certain Categories of a Product. (Clothing Store)

Can someone help me with that, pleas?

I’ve seen topics in the forum but they are all unsolved and closed.

Hi Emilvs

Not sure if you ever figured this out but one thing that I did was - Create collections based around your different categories and build collection buy buttons for each cateory in shopify…

Then in webflow simply create two divs. One div lists your categories, much like a filter. and the primary div will house all your buy button codes.

Create interactions around your categories so that when one is selected the others are not visable. Also be sure to create a ALL category so all products can be seen…