Dropdown on mobile doesnt work

How is the dropdown link suppose to work on mobile. It doesnt in my nav menu? Can I get some help yo?

public link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wedowe?preview=29e2c3714ef52ba50a39515a3723699d

You delete the menu button… so it can never display.

Yeah, the menu button of the nav bar, I didnt delete anything of the drop downlinks.

I’m not understand the problem.

I can see the dropdown links.

Unless we are talking about something different

  • they are working.

Hover treatment doesnt work on mobile. How does hover work in mobile. U can only click the top link.

specifically what element is not hovering… what’s the class name that is not working.

everything hover effect that I checked appears to be working.

do you have a screenshot ? can you take a video of what’s not working ?

The problem is, that you can only click on the first link of the dropdown, on mobile. So… there is no hover treatment. It opens, but you cant click the rest of the button.

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